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Beitrag von Admin am Mo Jan 15, 2018 6:38 pm

Board rules
dealing with each other

- The general tone should be polite and courteous to the others. Although it may be hard to stay friendly, try it. With politeness you usually get further than with unfriendly words.

- Insults, excessive spam, thread hijacking and obscenity of any kind will not be tolerated and deleted accordingly. Depending on how serious the violation of this rule is, it can also lead to warnings. In case of recurrence also to exclusion from the forum. Spam means something like: "pointless and / or unrelated posts". Thread hijacking means that a topic thread raises a discussion to another topic.


- Racist, threatening, illegal and sexist comments are in no way desirable and lead without warning to exclusion from the forum. The same applies to links that have such content in word and / or picture on the subject or otherwise violate applicable German law.

- The offering of indexed and confiscated games (for example, in the Classified Ads thread) is prohibited. If you are not sure, then check if your game is available at or Cracks, illegal downloads or programs that can circumvent copy protection procedures will not be tolerated in the forum. Questions and references to them (for example links to corresponding pages) will be deleted. Since it is sometimes difficult to detect whether the post is illegal, the moderators and administrators decide at their discretion.

- Advertising for other sites / forums is only allowed in the signature (unless it was agreed with the administration to open a corresponding thread).

Threader positions and answers

- Before creating a new thread, please check if this topic has not been created lately (use search function) and if you post it in the right forum area. If there is nothing suitable, open the thread. Pay attention to a meaningful thread title, so that you can immediately recognize what it's all about (that makes it easier for others to use the search function as well). Complete capitalization of topics and use of unnecessary exclamation points is to be omitted.

- If you are responding to a topic, please stay with the topic (see Spam / Thread Hijacking). In a discussion it can happen that there are deviations. Then the moderators of the forum area can sometimes go over to not completely remove appropriate posts or move to a suitable sub-forum.

- Answers that exist only in a "I agree" or "ditto" etc. should be avoided. These are neither helpful nor contribute to a discussion. Some own words, why you see it that way, can not hurt you. Likewise, it is superfluous to seek help from someone with "I can not help you either".

- The German spelling should be noted, so that the texts are easy to read. Punctuation marks and paragraphs cost here in the forum (as in many others) no extra money and make it easier for other users to read.

- If you see violations of the forum rules, please do not respond to such contributions yourself, but inform you via the registration button or with a PN (private message) the appropriate moderators, who then take care of everything else. Note: Every user posting posts in the forum agrees that his contributions may be printed in the print magazines of Computec Media AG.


Avatars must not contain anti-constitutional icons and should not be offensive or offensive to other users. Advertising for political parties or religious organizations is not welcome and will be punished by the moderators.


You can set a signature below your posts, which will automatically be added below each post. Here, too, the rules apply that links do not have to lead to things listed under General.

Furthermore, signatures should not be annoying, so they should not be more than 5 lines high. The spoiler tag has nothing to do with the signature and is removed without comment.

Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts are not allowed in our board and will be deleted by the forum management.


Violations of the rules are punished by the moderators or administrators. The first offense can happen unintentionally and will therefore be answered with a friendly reference to the rules. In case of recurrence, moderators or administrators issue a warning with appropriate justification. In the event of another violation, the user's account will be blocked. Warnings may, at the discretion of the moderators, be deemed appropriate

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